The leading mid-stream gas firm in Ghana, Ghana National Gas Company (GNGC), owns and manages the infrastructure necessary for gathering, processing, transporting, and marketing natural gas resources both domestically and abroad.

Despite being founded in July 2011, Ghana Gas Company didn’t begin official production until November 2014. The business is in charge of producing and prospecting for lean gas, condensate, LPG, and isopentanes. It also plays a significant part in advancing the country’s industrial sector.


All eligible Ghanaian students enrolled in undergraduate and Higher National Diploma (HND) programs at any approved public tertiary institution in Ghana are eligible to apply for the 2023 Ghana National Gas Company (GNGC) scholarship.

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Interested candidates must be citizens of Ghana.

(The applicant must have a valid Ghanaian ID card, passport, or birth certificate to prove their identification.)

The applicant must possess an acceptance letter from a university or technical university in Ghana.
The applicant must be a first-year student at the institution when the application is submitted.

A candidate’s age at the time of application cannot exceed 35.

An application for a scholarship must be submitted, along with a recent passport-size photo.


Entrance Letter

Certificate: JHS/SHSVocational/Technical

Passport, birth certificate, and Ghana card

Other Supplementary Materials


The application form must be downloaded from the internet by the applicant.


All scanned applications must be sent to via email. gh.

Applications submitted using any other channel won’t be accepted.

The applicant cannot be currently receiving a scholarship from a state institution or the Ghanaian government.

Each applicant must provide an essay or a statement of their professional goals to support their application for the scholarship.

Only those who have been shortlisted will be contacted.

Any major misrepresentation renders the application invalid.

Awarded based on that must be rescinded, and any guilty parties must face legal action.

Application submission deadline is March 10, 2023.

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