Job Description:

In charge of proactively overseeing, putting controls in place, and conducting relevant tasks inside the Xtra time/byte/Roaming space.

Employment Position

Design and implement primary and secondary controls inside the extra time, byte, money, and roaming to avoid and identify leakage. Assign responsibility for primary controls monitoring. Review inherent potential hazards within the extra time, byte, money, and roaming

Conduct pre- and post-xtra time/byte/money product and services implementation test Conduct daily data quality monitoring on the Revenue Assurance and Fraud Management (RAFM) platform Review changes to the xtra time/byte/money and Roaming system and user logs Perform borrowing and repayment analysis Perform a daily analysis on inbound and outbound traffic.


Technology and ICT industry is dynamic and intensely competitive. The environment is highly regulated and performance-driven.

• Alignment of Revenue Assurance and the Fraud Management Group’s best practices and standards
Ghana; Supply Market Demographics Specific limitations on local content • The Revenue Assurance and Fraud Management domain’s extreme technicality

fundamental abilities Knowledge Required

Strategic Thinking and Planning

• Ensures team goals are compatible with the strategic plan • Critical Thinking • Aware of the organization’s business plan, immediate environment, and potential effects of events and activities on the organization; understanding present function in relation to executing the business plan

• Produces basic concepts
• The scope of solutions is constrained
• Analytical Thinking • Engages in the process of gathering and analyzing information and data for integrating purposes.
• Recognizes and creates sets of data, and establishes their connections.
• Using decision modeling to inform decision making
• Recognizes when aid or guidance is needed while making decisions on uncommon situations, and seeks out help from others as needed.
• Differentiates between pertinent and unimportant information. assembles data and opinions from a range of sources in order to draw a judgment.
• Has experience with integrated analytics

Required Education & Experience

• A first-degree in mathematics, computer science, or accounting; • certification as a chartered information systems auditor (CISA) or manager (CISM);


• Three years of relevant experience, particularly in the telecommunications sector, in a technology-driven industry. Data analytics expertise is a plus.

Technical/Professional Competencies:

• Solid understanding of telecommunications principles.
• Understanding of the fundamentals and workings of telco billing.
Good comprehension of quantitative and analytical principles; high degree of IT proficiency; good knowledge of financial analysis and modeling techniques; good knowledge of the revenue management chain in telecommunications;

Physical prowess and skills:

Strong numerical skills; sound analytical abilities; effective interpersonal and teamwork skills; a sense of accuracy and attention to detail; report writing skills; presentation skills; and problem-solving ability.

NB: The incumbent is required to uphold strict secrecy at all times.

Location: Accra

Applying for the Job

Email subject lines for qualified candidates should read ADTRACK – F&SRA001.

Candidates that meet the requirements should email their curriculum vitae to:

Date of Closing: January 31, 2023

Only those who have been shortlisted will be contacted.

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