Every semester, students must register for classes online and provide a copy of their registration for the Head of Department’s approval. The ability to take exams for a semester course is granted when you enroll in it. If you don’t register, you won’t be able to take the end-of-semester exams for that course.

1. Your academic fees must be paid for the academic year.
2. Visit the KNUST Student Portal or the KNUST AIM App

3. Use your KNUST student credentials to sign in.

4. Click the Course registration icon at the KNUST Student Portal’s Dashboard.
5. You will be given a list of courses to sign up for this semester.
6. Choose and register for your required and elective courses, if any,
7. After course selection, save your registration.

How to print your registration slip is detailed below.

To print your registration form for KNUST Semester courses,

1. Download the PDF registration form from the KNUST Student Portal or the AIMP App.
2. Send it to the campus’s closest printing facilities (Queens Hall Market, Republic Hall Market, or Ayeduase Gate)

3. The document should be printed, signed, and sent to your department’s office.
4. Check to see that your HOD has authorized the registration slip, then keep a copy.

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