RESEARCH” is the initial step towards earning money online. Simply put, this is searching for online chances on the internet. Online job options are now almost as plentiful as traditional ones.

Second, you must dedicate time and effort to learning the fundamentals of any internet business you have discovered (i.e from step one). Get started on your idea then, and don’t be scared to start small.

However, earning money online is a patient but rewarding process. Here are 11 tested ways for students to make money online if you’ve been looking for opportunities to do so.

1. Freelance Writing

If you become familiar with many writing styles as a student, you can use it to earn money online. You might begin a successful freelance writing career working for a newspaper or as a content supplier for a media company.

If you have writing talent, you might research college-related issues and speak with your peers about their experiences on campus and in relationships. There are several reputable websites that link independent contractors with potential employers who can offer decent and attractive pay., a popular website that links freelancers with potential employers who want to pay them for their services, is a fantastic place to start.

2. Online Trading

Online marketing is essentially the process of purchasing and reselling financial products to a potential customer using a digital trading platform. Students who want to profit from the market might use this online platform, which is typically offered by Internet-based brokers.

iFOREX, which offers a range of financial products including shares, commodities, indices, and currency, is a fantastic place to start.

3. V-Logging (Starting a Youtube Channel)

One of the simplest ways for students to earn money online is to launch their own YouTube channel. There is no initial money needed to launch a YouTube channel. Amazingly, YouTube receives more than 5 billion views each day, demonstrating its significance as a source of internet revenue.

You could begin by making videos by filming comedic shorts and movies as well as campus-related events.

4. Affiliate Marketing

is a sort of performance-based marketing where companies pay out a particular proportion of commission for each product that a customer purchases after being referred by an affiliate marketing campaign.

Send your friends and relatives the product URLs to publish on their pages in order to raise awareness and increase sales.

The greatest candidates for this online money-making opportunity are those who are good at persuading and enjoy speaking and writing.

5. Start Your Blog And Website

You could launch a blog and website as a student. One of the simplest methods to earn money online while attending classes is by blogging.

Blogging is pretty different from many other jobs that need a lot of time because you may work from anywhere, anytime. Both flexible and lucrative, blogging.

It’s important to note that starting to earn money from blogging takes time. So, balance your blogging and academic pursuits while also looking into other online businesses where you may make money.

6. Socia Media Management

You can generate a sizable income from your social media presence as a student. You have a potential of earning money if you develop a reputable brand on social media.

You can charge businesses a hefty but fair sum of money in exchange for running an advertisement on your social media profile and promoting their products. Additionally, you can be hired to maintain social media accounts for companies, boosting their engagement and assisting in the acquisition of followers.

7. Buy And Sell Domain Names

There are many different extensions for a domain name, which is simply a website address (for example, “” or “”) (.com, .net, .org, etc).

They can be registered for as cheap as £1.99 at or, but quality domain names can sell for thousands of pounds, if not millions. was sold for a cool $35 million in 2007.

Even if you’re unlikely to find anything similar now, a little amount of research can still help you make a quick profit. Finding available domain names with some commercial worth and purchasing them is the key. After doing this, put the domain names for sale on a marketplace website like

8. Mystery Shopping

By working as a mystery shopper online, you can also earn money. Roamler is a pretty entertaining smartphone software that rewards you with cash for accomplishing various tasks around your neighborhood. Check that out first, sure!

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