Without a doubt, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo have amassed all of football’s prestigious awards and are on the verge of retiring because they are adults and, as is customary, retirement is required due to advancing age.

Mbappe, Rashford, and Haaland are currently the three most intelligent young football players. Future observers should keep a close check on those four players, especially if Vinicius Jr is added to the group. If he throws everything he has, one of them—or perhaps all—will undoubtedly become legendary, or more likely, one of the best. The exception is that Mbappe, in comparison to other players, has total control over games and is prepared to accept responsibility for changing the result of the game as well.

When things don’t go his way, Rashford, who has the same talent, frequently exhibits signs of disorientation.

He must emphasize and get through this psychological obstacle. He used to address his lone weakness, the capacity to score with the head, a while back.

Rashford obviously learned something from his seasoned heroes, but Ronaldo, who was regarded as an expert for his goal-scoring skills, appears to have had a greater impact. Rashford will have to overcome the tendency to lose interest when things don’t go according to plan, which is a psychological barrier. Last season, he seemed a little fragile and was absolutely lost, but this year, he is very enthusiastic and self-assured.

He needs to take charge of the team when it is struggling and playing poorly. Mbappe shown that he was never afraid to come up with original solutions on his own when his team needed them. Rashford hadn’t before shown a comparable behavior.

He feels the impulse to create offense personally while the team is struggling.

Other than that, both players are pretty swift and naturally talented, therefore I do not notice any differences in competency. Rashford, on the other hand, is yet to take home his first significant trophy, while Mbappe has received numerous honors throughout the course of his career. Once this obstacle is removed, Rashford will be almost impossible to stop, but doing so will take a fantastic team and a great manager.

Erling Halland, our modern-day scoring machine, who is actually poised to break Premier League records in his very first EPL season, is always a favorite when it comes to the next goats debate. Unfortunately for him, though, his native Norway lacks the strength to compete in such difficult international competitions as the World Cup. Do you believe that Halland can win the Dior Award based solely on his club-level statistics?

The only remaining candidates, if none of these three succeed in becoming the new goats, are Jamal Musiala, Jude Bellingham, Pedri, or Gavi.

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