The Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and technology offers different kinds of Scholarships for it student through other foundation. Are you searching for any scholarship to sponsor your undergraduate programme? Then this article will sort out the list of scholarships offered in KNUST.

What Are The Scholarships Offered By KNUST

If you willing to know the kind of Scholarships offered by KNUST. Here are some of the scholarships offered by KNUST are partial and others too are fully funded. The partial scholarships may cover only tuition fees and feeding. While with the fully funded scholarships at KNUST will cover all expenses from tuition to allowances. This will include feeding fees, hostel fees, money to buy books, monthly allowances, and others.

Does KNUST Offer Scholarships for Students

Most of the students before applying to for admission at KNUST ask the question, does KNUST offers scholarship? below are the Scholarship Offered By KNUST

List Of Scholarships Offered by KNUST for 2022/2023

The scholarship below are applied at the beginning of each academic year. The portal for the application will be active before academic works starts. And in some cases, while s academic work ongoing, the portals will be active for students to apply

Below are available Scholarships for brilliant but needy students to enable them to pursue University Education.

1. Edu Fondazione Scholarship.

2. Mark Foundation Scholarship.

3. Hulede Foundation KNUST Scholarship

4. Educational Pathways International Scholarships

5. KNUST Bursury

6. KNUST Timothy Ansah Memorial Foundation Scholarship

7. KNUST SRC-Ketewa Biara Nsua Scholarships.

NOTE: The Scholaships are ipen for each academic year. Some of them are for freshmen students only while others are for both fresh and continuing students.

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