In this article, we will give every details and guidelines on how to get your KNUST Credentials as a fresher if you have not received yours yet.

It is very important for admitted applicant to accept offered programme and pay school fees before he or she can get his credentials

In KNUST, the credentials is the lifeline of every student engagement, especially when accessing major soft in infrastructure on campus.

These Steps will guide you to obtain yours if you do not have one for reasons best unknown.

Follow these steps

Step 1. Open your browser and go to

Step 2. After the website is opened, click on the student, not prospective student.

Step 3. Go to Forget Password

Step 4. Click on continue. You will be asked they have sent the messages to your e-mail account.

Step 5. Open your Gmail account to get access to your message.

Step 6. Search UITS-KNUST

Step 7. Click on reset password

Step 8. Your Surname will be automatically generated.

Step 9. Write down and proceed to set a new password.

Step 10 Click Reset.

Go back to ( to your portal and input the username you wrote down, the new password you set it your self, and your student ID.

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