Do you want to know how to buy MTN Data Bundle without having Airtime? then here is a tippable. You will think and have some reason that, it can not be possible at the moment the eye flash on the topic, in this article either by our notifications or if you have come across this website looking for a plunk on how to get Free MTN data or something else.

Actually, i can give you an assurance that this is not clickbait at all, and there is a path you can buy Data on MTN without having airtime on your MTN sim at all and adverse to the way you are thinking, you do not have to download any apps like Stark VPN or other Third-party apps that siphon data from network providers through one tweak or another.

In this article i will be teaching you some simply and easy way method to do, and you should have your data on your MTN sim just by dialing a few codes. But before you will be able to get our free data on your MTN Sim without having any airtime at all, there are a few things you will need to have.

What Do You Need?

For you to be able to get free Data on your MTN Sim card without having any airtime at all, these are the few things you need to have first, as i have talked to you above: They are:

You need to have been on the MTN Pulse Tariff plan for some months.

You need an active MTN Sim card where you have purchased lots of airtime for some months and you have also used it to make a lot of calls.

Before i continue let me give you a gist on MTN Pulse Plan.

The reason you need to have your MTN sim Card on the MTN Pulse for some months is that you have gathered lots of Pulse points. Pulse points are points that are given to you by MTN when you do things like make long calls, buy lots of data, purchase airtime, and basically, it is just MTN rewarding you for doing activity on your MTN Sim Card. An Accumulated points up to 1000 MTN Pulse, then you can use these Pulse points to buy data worth @25MB just using Pulse points, i hope you get all the points.

Now Let me show you on how to accumulate points using a code, you can generate more points when you buy Data bundle,(Mashup) using MTN Pulse.

To Do This:

Go to your dialer and type *550#

Now tap on option 2 (Pulse) used it to buy all your data plans from now to accumulate points.

Now let check out the complete steps on how to buy data on MTN without having airtime on your MTN Sim card.

How to Buy Data on MTN Without Having Airtime –

In this article, we are assuming you have 1000 redeem points already on your MTN Sim card. To check how many Pulse point you have on your Sim Card, Use these Steps.

Go to your dialer and type *550#

Tap on option 7 that says MTN rewards

On the next menu select option 1 that says, “check point balance” to see how many redeem points you have.

Now let go on with the example.

To buy data worth 60MB with your 4000 points, follows these steps:

Go to mobile phone dialer and type in *550#

Select option one(7) that say ” MTN Rewards“.

Tap on Option two(2) that says “Redeem Points.”

On the Redeem point menu Select your Data Bundle on Option two(2).

The next thing you have to do is Select option 3 “Monthly Pack

On the Montly Pack Select option 2 “40000pts – 1GB for 30 days”

On the next option you will see “Please confirm Redemption of 40,000 pts for Monthly pack”

Select option one to Confirm.

Now, you should receive an SMS that says “You have successfully Purchased 1GB.”

If you check your airtime balance you will see that nothing has been taken, and you have gotten the data bundle for free!!!!.

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