In the past few days, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science And Technology (KNUST) released the 2022/2023 admission list for undergraduate students.

Afterward, every applicant have to check their portal to accept the given programme or to decline it.

If You have accepted to offer the given programme, then you have to download your acceptance letter on the student portal to fill.

The Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology administration ha published formal rules of thumbs for applicant to observe while sending their KNUST Acceptance Letter after being admitted.

It is all-important to send an acceptance letter after accepting the program the school has offered you.

This procedures must be done before paying fees or booking accommodation. You must take note of this that, booking of accommodation can when and only payment of school fees.

In my next article i will show how to book an accommodation easily without any stress, because booking an accommodation you need be react very fast before you can book an accommodation. So check it out.

It is important to note that, any acceptance delivered by hands will not be accepted according to management. So please try as much as possible to follow step by step on how to fill this acceptance letter and submit it.

Knust Admission Letter contains information about the school offered admission, the faculty/school/college, department, the degree you are going after and the duration of the program, just to make everything easy for you to understand, the admission letter everything you need to know about your admission.

This is how the acceptance letter looks like:

Sample of Acceptance Letter

So follow these steps to fill your Acceptance Letter. Follow this Example

I Wizcodeblog a

National of Ghana with application

number 20348761 hereby accept the offer of admission to pursue

a 4-year degree programme in Computer Science


Student effective 2022/2023 Academic year.

I promise to abide by rules and regulation Governing Students of the University at all times.

I also accept that at any point in time if I go contrary to any of these rules and regulation of the University, the necessary sanctions shall be meted out to me.

Thank you.

Your faithfully (……………………………..)

Signature (…………………………………….)

Full Name in Upper Case Date…………..

NOTE: Everthing should fill it in Block Letters

But do not used the Student ID i used in that part. Replace it with that serial number.


Afterward you will go to nearest post office to submit your documents

1. 1 Provisional Admission Letter

2. 1 Filled Acceptance Letter

3. 1 Result Slip


After filling acceptance letter as shown above, place the acceptance letter and copies of result slip, provisional admission letter in a special KNUST envelope provided by Ghana Post Office or any Neat envelope with your full name and programme boldly written at the back.

Post this parcel to the KNUST Deputy Registrar(Academics).

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