Before one can set his or her car on the road for long journey the person must have a driving license, that will determine the professionality of your driving skills.

If you want to be a driver but do not have a license, then do not worry, in this article we are going to show how to acquire a driving without any stress.

Below is How to Acquire a New Driving License in Ghana. To get your drivers License, you have to blow over both the theory and practical exams issued by DVLA.


Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority which is known as (DVLA): DVLA is there to ensure best practices for licensing drivers and vehicle to promote road and environmental safety throughout the country.

All who apply for the DVLA driving license for the first time are required by the DVLA regulations to first apply for the learners. Drivers License after which the actual Drivers License would be issued.

Experienced Drivers or those who previously owned drivers licenses issued by DVLA, do not have go through this process again.

Learner Drivers License

To acquire a new driving license, you must first be issued A Learner Driver License before. This is how the Learner Drivers License about and procedures, A Learner Driver’s License has to be obtain for a period of three(3) good months before you can apply for the actual license.

Requirement For Getting A New Driving License In Ghana.

  1. You must be at least a minimum of 18 years of age
  2. Your presence at any DVLA office nationwide.
  3. You must hold a Basic Education Certificate (BECE) or Adult Education, your ability to read and write is very important.
  4. Passport Pictures

How Much Does New Driving License Cost

New Driving License cost in Ghana. The cost of a new driving license is 257 Ghana cedis.

Types of Driving License/ Classes of Driving License in Ghana

The DVLA have different types of Driving License one can occupy here in Ghana depending on the particular vehicle holding.

The following are the six(6) types or classes of Driving License in Ghana.:

  1. Class A : A Class A Driving License is for drivers who drive motorcycles. This include the two tyres motors and the tricycle motors.
  2. Class B ; A Class B Driving License is for Drivers who can drive minibuses, pick up vehicles that contains 1 – 15 passengers.
  3. Class C : A Class C Driving License is for drivers who can drive buses with moderate goods. The vehicles must contain between 1 – 45 passengers.
  4. Class D : A Class D Driving License is for Drivers who drive heavy and coaches duty vehicles and buses, the vehicle must contain 1 – 65 passengers.
  5. Class E : A Class E Driving License is for those who drive industrial equipment like bulldozers, forklifts harvesters and many more equipment.
  6. Class F : A Class F Driving License is for Drivers who can drive carrying vehicles like articulators and others.

How To Get A New Drivers License In Ghana

  • First purchase and complete forms F and F1 from the DVLA
  • You will then undergo a physical examination and eye test
  • you will be issued a Learner Driver’s permit, L-plate, Syllabus and Highway code after payment
  • You will undergo a mandatory 48 hours training with a DVLA accredited driving school to test your driving skills
  • After that your biometric infromation will captured and you will be giving for written test exams (Computer-Based Test)
  • You will then undergo Oral examination, from there.
  • Then you will undergo in traffic Test
  • You will make payment of the Driver’s License and P-Plate fees
  • Your Driver’s License will be captured
  • You will then issuance of temporary Driver’s License and P-Plate
  • From there, finally, you will be issued the actual Driver’s License

All this procedures are physically processing. So let’s look how to register Driver’s License Online.

How To Register Driver’s License On The Online DVLA Portal.

  1. To register For a Driver’s License on the DVLA Online Portal, first Sign In to the DVLA Online Portal at:

2. Then enter the Username and Password you created during the account registration process.

3. Afterwards click the sign in button

4. You will be successfully sign in to the DVLA Online Portal

5. You can access the DVLA online service that allows you to Register for a Driver.

How Long Does It Take To Get A New Driving License In Ghana.

In this article some will ask of the duration before i can get my Driving License after successfully registered.

  1. After going through the mentioned procedures you are going to have your driving license processed time
  2. You will receive your new driver’s License within a month to three months.

How Long Does Driving License Valid In Ghana.

Also somebody will questioned on, how long does the driving license take to expire.

Depending on the type of license, a driving license can be valid for two years or more from the day it was issued.

How Much Does Driving License Cost?

According to the new tariffs. Driving can shoot up.

1. A new driving license cost 257

2. Replacement of an expired license (Renewal) cost 155

3. License upgrade cost 345

4. Road sign test is 50 and the driving test is also 50

5. The cost of a Learner’s permit is 160

6. Conversion of a foreign driving license cost 205.

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