10 Scholarships in Canada for international students: Especially in the past, Canada has become top on the list of countries that students wish to travel to for continuing their studies. While this is a great mindset, largely due to the friendly atmosphere Canada holds for immigrants and foreign students, education in the country can be really expensive. This is because you have to prepared for so many things towards your school including booking your bus pass and many equipment for studies.

This is we have produced a list of scholarships opportunities for students, some funded by the Canadian Government, Organization, individuals and other Non-Governmental bodies and at the same time Canadians Universities themselves.

In this Articles we have created a list below of Scholarships opportunities available for foreign students in Canadians Institutions. If are worrying on how to finance your Education in Canada, then do not worry this article will help you finds some Canadians institution with full and partial Scholarships.

Available Scholarship in Canada

The Lester B Pearson International Scholarship program is organized at the University of Toronto and attempt to reward foreign students who have shown amazing academic excellence and artistry, as well as wonderful chance which is enough and adequately funded further education.

This Scholarship scheme runs for four years for each receiver and is purposed to cover most, if not all students requirements including tuition fee, allowance for books, residence support and incidental fees.

The Scholarship tenable only at the university of Toronto for only undergraduate students.

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Scholarship in Canada for International students

If you are specifically searching for a scholarship scheme to fund your educational pursuits in the field of English Language, then this scholarship will be your priority.

The University of Winnipeg offers foreign students scholarship and chance to enroll in any undergraduate, collegiate and postgraduate degree programmes, as well as professional, applied and continuing Education (PACE), all in the field of English Language.

The University have more than 1,300 international students from almost 80 countries , over 14% of the population comes from outside Canada as of November 2022.

However, the scholarship scheme is only a part waiver of the total tuition fee to the value of 3,500 Canadian dollars.

Scholarship in Canada fir international Students

Carleton University is majestic to international students who are ready to study fully program at Carleton.

The Scholarship are awarded for academic merit, to reward of international students who want to pursue any program at Carleton. Students are considered for scholarship for which they qualify for acquiring an application.

Quebec, is a state in eastern Canada, is the brainchild behind this scholarship scheme. It is aimed at attracting international students who are pursuing a graduate degree- particularly a doctorate programme to study at institutions in Quebec. It offers grants for research to international doctoral students and financial aid for outstanding candidates who wish to pursue doctorate degree in the field of Mathematics, Engineering and Natural Sciences.

The Mastercard Foundation Scholarship lauched in 2012 in collaboration with Canadian Universities ca,e up with an idea of the Mastercard Foundation Scholarship scheme. It was accepted that the scholarship scheme would sponsor students from Africa who have looked up to to study in Canada Universities, for both Undergraduate and postgraduate Degree programmes. Since it origination in 2012, they have funded the college education of many African Students in Canadian Universities such as; the University Toronto, the University of British and many more Universities to counts.

Scholarship available for Africa Students to study in Canada.

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