This World have made in such a way that, you can make money online while you are at your comfort of your home. If you have been searching for an online market place that admit sellers and buyers to trade Bitcoin online, Paxful might be your number online trading solution for you. Now in this article am gonna show you how create/sign up for an account on Paxful.

What is Paxful

Paxful is an online trading platform, which makes Bitcoin simply than ever for users to trade – the exchange supports a huge diversity of payment methods. Truly, there are more than 300 modes to buy and sell Crypto on Paxful; some of the most popular include E-wallets, Amazon, and iTunes gift Cards(Walmart) altcoins, Bank Transfers, and Cash.

When using Paxful to sell and buy crypto, you need to know these usefulness: (Positive And Negative)

As with any Bitcoin exchange platform, Paxful has its advantages and disadvantages as same as any other trading platforms.

However, do not panic considering the negative aspects, and am sure at the end of this article you can start trading using paxful account created.


Creating a Paxful account is free of charge, you do not have to buy a Paxful account. You can have a secure account and enjoy selling and buying Bitcoin utterly free!

Paxful is used all over the World, with 5,000,000 users and 2,000,000 wallets in macrocosm, which have less negativity.

Paxful charges no commissions fees, thus increasing the profits that the sellers get to keep. For Instance, selling Bitcoins across Paxful users there will be no deduction in transfers, so this will keeps your profits accurate.

Buyers and sellers are protected by Paxful’s built-in escrow. If the buyers do not fulfil their transfers and negativities.


Sometimes, you interact with deceitful traders on the platform. Paxful has a secure escrow, but if the trickster convince you trade off the platform, then you lose Paxful’s protection.

In order to unlock all trade limits, you must get verified. Some people may see this as a disadvantages because you need to verify your ID and address, and then you lose Paxful’s protection.

If you are ready to make the step into Cryptocurrency exchange, one needs to first create a valid Paxful account- so it is a good thing that doing so is nonrational and simple. We will give a step-by-step tutorial on creating an account, complete with images.

Click on Register.

First, open your web browser and type to access the Paxful website. When the homepage opens, loo towards to the upper right corner part of the page which will show up looking like this:

In this area, it is two steps, either you register with your E-mail or Phone number.

So you will enter your country cod; i.e +233, from there enter your phone and make a strong password- the password must be 6+ characters long, and it must also contain a number, a special character, an uppercase, and lowercase letters. After clicking the blue button “CREATE ACCOUNT” Paxful will send you an activation code on your phone number to confirmed.

When you open it up enter the 6 digits Paxful verification team sent to you. You have to enter the code within 30 minutes, so it should not exceed 30 minutes, after that time it be invalid.

Verify your account

Now your account have been successfully registered and ready to use. How ever, if you want to gain more access to more features on the Paxful website, then you should continue to verify your account.

In this same article am gonna show you the different verification levels.

Now let’s glance through the different steps of the account verification, in so doing this, account verification create tryst between traders on the maketplace, and it cab be done through KYC. There are four levels of account verification:

Level 1: This level gives you a trading volume with a limit of $1,000. This is also come along with sending funds from your Paxful wallet, requires E-mail and phone number verification.

Level 2: With this level, the user’s trading volume limits is now increased to $10,000 plus they attain access to more trading methods. Again, you will make the choice to make offer on your own. You must verify level 2 to make any and withdrawals of funds.

Level 3: with this level you must have unlimited trading volume at this level, and you no longer need to have 0.02 BTC stored within your balance to make crypto offer publicly visible. To get to this level you have to pass address verification.

Level 4: This level enhance due customer diligence additional verification methods are required at this level. Only high-volume corporate accounts have access to level 4 after which, the trading limit is increased to more than $50,000.


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