The number one television reality show, Date Rush is ready at your door step. Date Rush season 8 is layout to premiere today, sunday December 18, 2022.

The show is telecast on Tv3 every Sunday at 8pm.

The being hosted by Caled Elolo Adjomah popularly known as Giovani Caleb,

Giovani Caleb

The co-host: Anita Akua Akuffo.

Anita Akuffo Akua

The program was launched on 2nd November 2018 and had a couple of seasons from 1 to 8, finally, the long wait is over! The all new season of Date Rush Premieres this Sunday at 8pm.

Your Sunday mights just got more stimulating.Do not miss this night.

Date rush a group of single boys and girls who are willing and looking for love to go on different set of series of date with each other in term to find his or her match partner.

Every week come with different guys and ladys in each episode of the show between the participant, in the time in which they get to know each other and look to see of they have a connection.

At the end of each episode, the participants decide which of the dates to take it home and would like to see again, and the rest are eliminated from the competition.

Catch the show live on Tv3 this and every Sunday exactly at 8pm.

The show has gained a large following in Ghana and and across other countries and has aired for different seasons.

#DateRush: Everyone Deserves Love.

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