The Ghana Road Transport Union (GPRTU) has talked to Ghanaians to be calm over the haunting calls on the reduction of transport fuel prices.

Many Ghanaians have questioned GPRTU to bring down transport fares with immediate effect.

The motion was developed on the floor of parliament on Wednesday,  14th of December 2022.

But Public Relations Officer Mr. Abass Imoro says so much components go to the increase in transport fares and not just fuel.

Consorting to their research, fuel prices have gone up more than 243 percent from January to November in this year 2022, despites transportation operators have raised fares by less than 60 percent.  He explicated that, this is why transportation operators have been unable to reduce transport fares.

He assured and revealed Ghanaians that they have been called to a meeting and hopeful that something good will be concorded upon.

He emphasis that “drivers had been good- hearted with Ghanaians because, despites the boost in fuel prices, the increment in fares had been reasonable”.     

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