In the course of using a car, anything can go wrong on the road. But we don’t pray or wish for any misfortune, it is one of the careless incidents that come with owning and driving a car. Order not to have an suddenly huge bill to pay in the event of an accident is why having car insurance is important. Having unaware incidents, your car can damage or you can injured and even your passengers too but to have car insurance will partake or consume some of your cost for you.

In Ghana, to insure your car is compulsory by the law. According to the third party law Act 195, it is mandatory that owners of cars used on collective roads gain insurance to cover their nuisance to others. If the chance is there everyone could have bought his or her own car. After buying that fantasy car of yours, the next major thing is to have it insured. It’s important to know that there are different types of insurance that you can sign up for in Ghana. These insurance types have different stages of exposure and cost. The benefits you get to enjoy when you make a claim are dependent on the type of insurance you have.

After knowing what insuring your car will benefits you in future.

Someone will ask what are the types of insurance do we have in Ghana.

In Ghana we have approximately three (3) types of cars Insurance. These are:

  • Third Party only Insurance
  • Third – party and other insurance
  • Comprehensive Insurance

In this article we are going to analyze the three types of insurance in Ghana.

When we say Third party Insurance in Ghana, This types of insurance provides protection injuries against misfortune caused by you to a third party.

ADVANGES: It provides financial relief to the insured for damages caused to the third party.

DISAVANTAGES: The insurance is limited to a particular car crash influence damage.

This type of insurance is similar to third-party-only car insurance. Insurance is provided for any damage caused to the vehicle or properties of a third party, but it also provides insurance for your own car if it’s stolen or damaged by fire. You can also be able to make a claim should your car be damaged by attempted theft.

Advantages: Both the insured and third party are covered during an accident

Disadvantage: The third party cover is limited to damage resulting from accidents in this package.

This type of insurance is regularly regarded as the best form of insurance, however, it’s expensive. Comprehensive insurance provides protection against a wide range of uncertainties including theft, accident, fire etc. Under comprehensive car insurance cover, both the insured and the third party get protected in the event of an accident. 


– It provides insurance for both the insured and third parties.

-It provides comprehensive insurance for theft, fire, vandalism and collision-induced damage.

Disadvantages: It’s expensive.


The cost of insurance varies depending on the insurance company. If you are interested in comprehensive insurance, you will need to get a quote from the insurance company. In most cases, you will be asked to present your car for a check-up. Also factors like year, model, brand etc can influence the price of comprehensive car insurance in Ghana.

 In the case of third-party insurance, for saloon cars, it can cost up to GHC 221 a year. Different insurance companies have their rates.


There are certain documents that are required for you to get an insurance policy in Ghana, The common ones are;

  • registration documents of the car
  • Certificate of road-worthiness 
  • a valid driver’s license
  • Identity card
  • It’s important that these documents remain valid throughout the course of your insurance duration. For instance, your claim for insurance may be nullified if your driver’s license has expired when you had an accident.

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